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High Park School is characterized by high levels of collaboration, collegiality, leadership, and caring. Staff, students and parents work together to provide a learning environment where everyone can experience success and thrive in their academic and social development. Building students of strong character and sound mind remains a priority at High Park.




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Learning for all.

Our school places a strong emphasis on preparing students to be productive and caring citizens, using their education to contribute to the community. High Park emphasizes respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, courage, faithfulness, compassion, and openness to inquiry. Students develop values and habits that will guide their interactions with each other and with adults both in the school and the community.

Leadership opportunities abound at High Park School. Students participate in many extracurricular activities, learning teamwork and strong sportsmanship. The student leadership program involves all students in school, community, and world initiatives that further develop them as global citizens. There is also a focus on developing technologically savvy students who can compete in a global society. Leadership evolves in many different ways, and the future leaders from High Park School will be well equipped to make a difference.

Unique Features of Our School

  • An emphasis on collaboration across our Early and Middle years K-9 structure.
  • Strong emphasis on technology integration in classes.
  • School-wide focus on global citizenship and social responsibility.
  • A broad range of extracurricular opportunities through clubs and teams.

What Makes Our School "Good" and How We Know

The learning environment at High Park is characterized by collaboration. Not only are students, parents, staff, and community members involved in the life of the school, but also students and adults alike are engaged in learning. 

It is a vibrant learning community. High Park students learn in a positive and caring environment which is demonstrated by their attitudes towards learning and problem solving. Students are well prepared for a productive role in society and regularly demonstrate characteristics of good citizenship both in school and their surrounding communities.

How We Define Success for Our Students

Students at High Park leave our school with a strong foundation of self-confidence and self-discipline, prepared to compete in a global society. They are productive and caring citizens who use their education to contribute to the overall betterment of society. Our students are developed as leaders who will leave High Park and move forward to make a difference in life.